Forging Closer Ties In South America and The Caribbean 

Embassy of Georgia to the Federative Republic of Brazil and Representation to the Caribbean Community

The Embassy of Georgia to the Federative Republic of Brazil, as a mission accredited in four more countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) would particularly like to pay attention to three important developments in bilateral and multilateral relations.

- In 2014 member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) supported efforts of our country to establish official diplomatic links, with the Community as well as member states. The decision to support was made after active bilateral efforts with each of 15 member states, due to the necessity of having consensus within CARICOM.

In November 2014 the Ambassador of Georgia Otar Berdzenishvili presented credentials to the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) accrediting him as the first representative of Georgia to the CARICOM.

- Intergovernmental agreement between Georgia and Brazil on the partial exemption from visa requirements was finalized in March 2015, by the exchange of Notes, when the Ambassador officially presented to the Sub-Secretary General of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil the document signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

The agreement has already entered into force and established that nationals of both countries, holders of valid ordinary passports, are exempt from visa requirements to enter, leave, transit trough and stay in the territory of the other Party for purposes of tourism or business, for a period not exceeding 90 days per 180 day-period from the date of first entry.

- Observer Status was granted to Georgia by Latin American trade bloc - Pacific Alliance, established by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, in July, 2015 at the 10th Summit of the Organization in Paracas, Peru.

The initial goal of the Pacific Alliance is to enhance free trade network and deepen economic integration. Observer Status will allow Georgia to establish closer partnership with the member states of the Alliance, as well as to enhance interregional cooperation.