Cooperation in the Fields of Culture and Education

Embassy of Georgia to the State of Israel

The bilateral cooperation between Georgia and the State of Israel has been dynamically developing since establishment of the diplomatic relations in June 1992. Nowadays, ties between the two countries are esteemed as perfect.  

Fundamental aspects of these relations are based on two main trends:

  • Historical friendship between Georgian and Jewish peoples which is well proclaimed by the 26th century old history of peaceful existence of the Jewish community in Georgia. The majority of Jews immigrated from Georgia to Israel (well known as the “Georgian Jewish”) are even today playing very important role in reinforcing the bridge of friendship between the two countries;
  • The geopolitical similarity which is determined firstly by the importance of the geographical location and secondly by the external political environment of Georgia and the State of Israel. 

The mentioned aspects are pivotal in determining current relations between Georgia and State of Israel which proudly has to be admitted covers all dimensions of the bilateral cooperation.

From the line of this cooperation has to be highlighted the relations in the field of economy (investment and tourism). In this respect, it is worth to be admitted that the Embassy of Georgia in Tel Aviv is constantly engaged with the Israeli governmental and private organization in dialog to enhance the lucrative cooperation. 

Quite recently, particularly on August 17, 2015, in Jerusalem was held the Business Forum with participation of Israeli and American business representatives that marked the visit of the Mayor of Tbilisi in the State of Israel. At the convention which was respected by the presence of the Mayor of Jerusalem, representatives of the different companies made bids on several projects in the total amount of 50mln.US dollars that will be carried out in the Capital of Georgia Tbilisi from September of 2015. 

Also, due to the coordinated activities between the Embassy of Georgia in Tel-Aviv and the Georgian National Tourism Administration during the season of 2015 Georgia as a tourism destination become one of the most popular among the Israelis – today Tbilisi and Tel Aviv are connected by three daily flights.