Malaysia: Carving Out New Paths

The Embassy of Georgia to Malaysia was established in December, 2013. Since 2015 Georgia through its Embassy in Kuala Lumpur conducts diplomatic relations with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Brunei Darussalam. The opening of the Georgian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur deepened and broadened the venues of our partnership with the countries of diplomatic accreditation.

It is important to note that the year 2015, in bilateral relations of Georgia and Malaysia was marked with a significant progress. Establishment of the Parliamentarian Friendship groups in both supreme legislative bodies paved the way towards more comprehensive partnership between our nations. A delegation of Parliamentarian Malaysia-Georgia Friendship Group, that is chaired by the Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Malaysia, Hon. Datuk Seri Ronald Kiandee, visited Georgia in May, 2015 and was the first high level visit from Malaysia to Georgia. Reciprocal visit of the Georgian delegation will take place in a due course.

Increasing awareness about Georgia and enhancing People to People contacts is one of the primary objectives of our job and a huge amount of effort goes into this from our team. Our engagement with the higher educational institutions of Malaysia resulted in signing the Letter of Intent between the Tbilisi State University and the Malaysian National University in March, 2015. This LoI gives both - Georgian and Malaysian scientists and young students an extraordinary opportunity to interact and expand the scope of cooperation.

Yet another significant achievement of the year was when the Embassy of Georgia became an associate member of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Malaysia, thus our Embassy on behalf of the EUNIC has the opportunity to represent our culture, values and aspirations to the local society.

It is essential for Georgian foreign policy to elevate and expand partnership with the South East Asian region which is one of the most dynamically developing part of the world, with vast resources, emerging market and attractive investment opportunities. Building on the already existing relationship with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the ten nation community, is of high importance for our state. Closely cooperating with the relevant authorities of the government of Malaysia as a chairman of ASEAN for the year 2015, our Embassy has massively invested time and resources into deepening and upgrading Georgia’s engagement with the organization. The outcome of these efforts was that Georgian parliamentary delegation, for the first time, will attend the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly to be held in Kuala Lumpur, in September, 2015 as a guest of the host. This milestone event will certainly, in future, lead to the creation of the institutional cooperation with the ASEAN and nations of the South East Asian region in particular.

To summarize the results of the past year, we are glad to look back and state that bilateral relations between Georgia and Malaysia are on the rise in various fields. Embassy is committed to continue its efforts in promoting our country in the South East Asian states, establishing amicable and mutually beneficial relations with the nations of the region and in this way serving to the interests of Georgia and its citizens.

Levan Machavariani
Charge d'Affaires
Embassy of Georgia to Malaysia