Sister Cities Set to Revive Relations

After the opening of the Georgian Embassy to the Republic of Slovenia in summer 2014, the year that followed was dedicated to the establishing of contacts with the representatives of political, diplomatic, business, cultural and other spheres of the Republic Slovenia. Main direction of the Embassy’s activities was maintaining the  political support of Slovenia, for our country’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration, territorial integrity and sovereignty. Ratification of Georgia-EU Association Agreement by the National Assembly in May 2015 was a sign of Slovenia’s lasting support to Georgia’s European Integration. Slovenian Foreign Ministry has made several official statements condemning the creeping annexation of Georgia’s occupied territories by the Russian Federation, later followed by the signing of the so-called treaties with Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions of Georgia.

Another main direction of the Embassy’s activities is also to raise awareness about Georgia in general, its history and culture. Through various meetings and events, Embassy was trying to widely spread the information about Georgia’s touristic potential, its good business environment as a place where the foreign investments are welcomed and protected. With the facilitation of the Embassy, direct contacts have been established between Slovenian retailer and Georgian wine producer and Georgian wine appeared for the first time in Slovenia’s retail market of directly from Georgia. According to the statistical data of Georgian National Tourism Administration, number of Slovenian visitors to Georgia increased by 46% in the first seven months of 2015 comparing to the same period of last year. Representatives of Slovenian businesses have expressed an interest in Georgia’s investment potential and in the coming months several visits to Georgia have already been planned. 

One of Embassy’s priorities is to facilitate the revival of contact between the two capitals, Tbilisi and Ljubljana, which have been sister cities since 1970s. Ljubljana Municipality has recently made a decision to contribute 10 000 Euro to the elimination of the results of devastating floods in Tbilisi on June 13, 2015.