Bilateral Co-operation Between Georgia and Sweden

Sweden remains an active supporter of Georgia. The ongoing bilateral cooperation has facilitated the creation of stronger political, economic, regional, scientific, cultural relations as well as paved the way for utilizing additional opportunities. Within the recent year, several important bilateral visits by representatives of legislative and executive branches of both countries took place.

Sweden is a co-author and one of the strong supporters of the Eastern Partnership. The Swedish Riksdag ratified the Association Agreement on 26 November 2014 and was among one of the first countries that ratified AA/DCFTA between Georgia and the EU. 

The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström with her Danish and Polish colleagues visited Tbilisi on 13 April 2015. This was her first visit to Georgia. She had a meeting with the President, the Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament and Foreign Minister of Georgia. She also met with the opposition parties and NGOs. During the meetings, she stressed that Sweden will remain a friend of Georgia and active supporter of Georgia’s European integration processes. She also expressed her support to the European perspective and visa liberalization for the Associate Members of the Eastern Partnership. She praised the reforms implemented in Georgia, especially in fighting against corruption;

At the same time regular consultation were held at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riksdag and Swedish research centers on the issues related to Russia’s aggressive policy against Georgia, particularly, about the “borderisation” process and signing of the so called “treaties” with Sukhumi and Tskhinvali separatist regimes. Sweden remains a strong supporter of Georgia’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and the rights of IDPs to safely return to their homes in the occupied regions of Georgia. It is also a reliable supporter of the Georgian resolution “on the status of refugees and internally displaced persons from Abkhazia, Georgia and Tskhinvali region / South Ossetia, Georgia during the UN General Assembly sessions. After the Russian aggression in 2008 Sweden is the second contributor to the composition of the EUMM in Georgia maintaining 21 observers. 

Cooperation in the field of defense is also quite strong. Representatives of the Georgian Defense Ministry and the General Staff visited Stockholm on 11-12 November 2014. During the visit, bilateral cooperation plan for the year 2015 was agreed and Agreement “on the exchange and mutual protection of classified information” was signed. The Swedish side expressed its readiness to continue the training of officers within Partnership for Peace (PfP) in the military educational institutions of Sweden.

On 1-4 December, 2014, the delegation of the Parliament of Georgia headed by the deputy chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Ms. Manana Kobakhidze visited Sweden. This was the second visit of the Georgian parliamentarian delegation to Sweden in the framework of two-year project. Ms. Kobakhidze’s visit two months after the Parliamentary elections in Sweden was very important in terms of ensuring continued Swedish-Georgian cooperation. It gave excellent opportunity to the Georgian side to present to the newly elected Parliament important topics related to Georgia.

Promoting contacts with local authorities remained one of the priorities of the Embassy of Georgia in Sweden. On 12 June, 2015, the chairman of the Adjara Government Mr. Archil Khabadze met with the Mayor of Gothenburg Ms. Lena Malm. During the meeting they have discussed the future cooperation between Batumi and Gothenburg, as well as Georgian-Swedish business relations. He presented the priorities for further development of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, including its economic potential.

The Embassy was actively engaged in facilitating the process of creating Swedish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce, which has already established contacts with the Swedish regional Chambers of Commerce and the Swedish companies involved in the energy sector. On February 4, 2015, the Chambers of Commerce held its first meeting with the Swedish agencies and companies at the premises of the Embassy in Stockholm. At this time, about 14 Swedish companies opened their representative offices in Georgia, including ABB, Swedbank, Volvo, Skania, Ericsson, Telia-Sonera, Oriflame.

During the year the Ambassador of Georgia to Sweden Mr. Konstantin Kavtaradze held many events to promote and popularize Georgian history, culture, traditions, business opportunities and tourism among the members of the Royal Family, Government representatives, well-known public figures, scientists, artists, filmmakers, journalists and businessmen.