Building New Ties Between Tbilisi and Dublin

The year of 2015 is well marked by the establishment of a fully fledged Embassy of Georgia in Ireland. We were extremely busy dealing with the Embassy establishing appropriate procedures, searching out the embassy premises in a fine location, hiring the Embassy staff and managing various issues related to the set up. 

Throughout the year, the Embassy has been working hard on the bilateral level to create a foundation for an enhanced partnership, building up network, crafting links for cooperation and designing bonds of friendship.

Among many achievements, the embassy has performed during the year of 2015 I would underline the unprecedented number of ties fastening up in various spheres thoroughly crafted and designed by the Embassy through memorandums on partnership and understanding. 

It is the first time ever that Georgia has joined the Global greening initiative for St. Patrick’s Day turning the iconic centuries old landmark building The Tbilisi City Hall into green. This symbol of strengthening friendship between Georgia and Ireland has become possible after the visit of Tbilisi City Mayor to Dublin in December 2014 when the Memorandum on Partnership between Dublin and Tbilisi has been signed. Due to this good reason Tourism Ireland has recommended Georgia to Irish as a favorable destination for travel. The Memorandum is aimed at strengthening friendly relations between two Capitals and foresees the establishment of cooperation in all areas that are in the interests of Dublin and Tbilisi; promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience in a number of fields, including economy, culture, education, tourism, public transportation, environment protection, municipal services etc. and sharing best practices in urban planning and development. Moreover, according to the document, Dublin City Council will support the City of Tbilisi in applications for funding/support/assistance from the EU. 

Another partnership that has been established will allow the Georgians and the Irish to travel for better education through the exchange programs to the University College of Dublin and Tbilisi State University respectively. According to the Memorandum that has been signed the partnering Universities agree to cover tuition costs for students or/and certain costs for research and lecturers. Besides academia and research the program brings excellent people to people relations and contributes to the export of rich culture of both countries. 

The third bond that has tightened partnership of Georgia and Ireland is a Memorandum between Batumi Sea Port and Dublin Sea Port in partnership with the City of Batumi. The memorandum specifies all parties to work together to examine issues of common interest and look for areas of future cooperation. Particular emphasis is made on exchange of knowledge and experience in a number of fields such as economy, tourism, transportation, environmental protection, solid waste management, etc,. 

This brief description of the Embassy engagement and enrollment serves as a good reflection of how industrious, productive and energetic the Embassy is in tapping the huge potential of cooperation and bringing tangible results for the benefit of Georgia and Ireland.    

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations between Georgia and Ireland hence, we are committed to celebrate this important date with a number of cultural events in both Tbilisi and Dublin. We are determined to continue our efforts aimed to discover Georgia for Irish and vice verse, enhancing Georgian-Irish partnership for the benefit of our country.