Development Co-operation

The goal of development cooperation is to provide assistance to poor and less developed countries by promoting their long-term social and economic development, and meanwhile eradicating poverty and ensuring peace and security in the world. In term "development cooperation", word "development" determines the aim of assistance, but "cooperation" - cooperation of donors and organization with beneficiaries by mutually coming to agreement about development aims and tasks as well as both parts duties and responsibilities.

Latvia has gradually drawn closer to the group of developed countries and in the area of human development Latvia is among the 49 most developed countries (according to UN classification). Since Latvia developed from an aid receiver to a donor it provides its expertise, knowledge and resources to those countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that now seeks assistance in various areas (agricultural, good governance, judicial reforms etc.).


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes monthly news page about news and actual topics in Latvian and global development cooperation policy. The newsletter gives information on Latvian development projects in Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia, the NGO’s news, the European Year for Development etc. If you want receive the newsletter via your e-mail, write the message to

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