Department of Asia, Africa, Australia and Pacific Rim

Director: David Kereselidze      
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 16 00

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Establishing mutually beneficial partner relations with the countries of Asia, Africa, Australia and Pacific Rim; promoting political, economic and cultural and humanitarian cooperation through working out recommendations and proposals based on the study of the ongoing processes and foreign policy directions in the countries of the aforesaid regions;
  • Coordinating the foreign relations of the Georgian executive authorities and facilitating their interaction with the countries of the aforesaid regions and international organizations in order to formulate a uniform policy of cooperation;
  • Using diplomatic means for attracting foreign investments and technical assistance as well as for promoting the implementation of international and regional investment projects;
  • Preparing recommendations and proposals regarding the conclusion, implementation, suspension and termination of international treaties.

Structural Entities of the Department:

  • Division of African and Middle East Countries
  • Division of Asian, Australian and Pacific Rim Countries