Consular Department

Director: Giorgi Tabatadze             
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 23 00
Hotline (9:00-18:00): (+995 32) 294 50 50

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Exercising general supervision over the consular offices of Georgia and assisting them in carrying out their activities;
  • Planning and elaborating consular policy;
  • Coordinating the consular activities of Georgia’s consular offices and diplomatic representations abroad; carrying out consular monitoring;
  • Preparing proposals regarding the improvement and expansion of Georgia’s consular relations;
  • Carrying out respective measures for the protection of rights and legal interests of Georgian physical and legal entities abroad;
  • Taking part, within the scope of its competence, in the implementation of Georgia’s policy and interests in the foreign-economic, legal and cultural areas;
  • Studying the issues relating to the migration movement of Georgian citizens abroad and participating, within the scope of its competence, in the migration processes;
  • Drafting and participating in the drafting of, and preparing respective proposals regarding  international treaties as well as normative and statutory acts relating to consular activities;
  • Studying Georgia’s visa relations with foreign countries and preparing proposals regarding Georgia’s visa policy;
  • Issuing, making modifications to and revoking Georgian service passports;
  • Providing visa services, within the scope of its competence, to Georgian citizens planning to travel abroad;
  • Issuing, extending the validity of, making modifications to, and revoking Georgian visas;
  • Participating, within the scope of its competence, in the resolution of issues relating to the citizenship of Georgia;
  • Verifying (legalizing) the authenticity of the seals or/and signatures affixed to the official documents issued in Georgia for use abroad,  as well as issued or verified by the diplomatic representations or consular offices of foreign countries;
  • Preparing proposals regarding the development of the Georgian institute of honorary consuls;
  • Requesting Georgian citizens’ official documents from foreign countries as well as from the competent authorities of Georgia;
  • Issuing consular patent and exequatur;
  • Exploring the issues relating to the opening of consular offices of foreign countries in Georgia, as well as to the assignment of persons for carrying out the functions of the heads and officers of consular offices as well as of honorary consuls; preparing respective recommendations and taking part in the decision-making process;
  • Granting to or withdrawing consular registration from the persons concerned, in cases determined by decree of the Minister;
  • Issuing return certificates to the persons concerned in cases determined by resolution of the Government of Georgia.

Structural Entities of the Department:

  • Analysis and Planning Division
  • Division of Georgia’s Diplomatic Representations and Consular Offices Abroad;
  • Division  of Foreign Diplomatic Representations and Consular Offices in Georgia;
  • Information and Consultation Division