Mikheil Janelidze: “Acceleration of integration process of the Eastern European countries will be the most effective response to Russia’s attempts“

In a few days I will return to Warsaw, Poland to attend the NATO Summit. I believe the Summit will adopt an important decision to ensure the security of the Euro-Atlantic space and to facilitate  Georgia’s integration with the Alliance. This Summit took on a particularly meaningful focus after the Brexit and now we need to stand together and reflect on the ways how to strengthen this unique project of European unity, peace, stability and development - the Georgian Foreign Minister, Mikheil Janelidze is quoted as saying in Warsaw, at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, where he  delivered a speech: “Georgia in the Euro-Atlantic Security Paradigm”.
In his speech the Georgian Foreign Minister spoke extensively about the security environment in the region and the historical and ongoing processes taking place there. He paid special attention to the security of Euro-Atlantic space and the role of Georgia and other aspirant countries in this context. Mikheil Janelidze emphasized that despite numerous challenges Georgia pursues its path of democratic transformation and remains a role-model of success in the region.
The Minister focused on the challenges in the region, on Georgia’s occupied territories and on Russia’s aggressive policy. He devoted special attention to the role of the Black Sea in the Euro-Atlantic architecture, opening up many areas of co-operation.  Mikheil Janelidze highlighted Georgia’s important role in ensuring Europe’s energy security.
According to him, for Georgia, it is essential that the outcome of the Warsaw Summit is a clear-cut and evident step forward in the direction of membership which is Georgia’s ultimate goal. According to him, Georgia expects from the Warsaw Summit the reconfirmation of the Alliance’s political support and of the irreversibility of Georgia’s integration process, as well as of the need to deepen practical cooperation.
„We are certain, that Georgia’s membership in NATO will widen the zone of security and stability in Europe serving common interests of both NATO Allies and Georgia. A further step towards the North Atlantic Alliance membership has a great importance for the imminent advancement of Georgia, our reforms and consolidation of democracy. At the same time our membership will have the stabilising effect on the region positively influencing regional security perceptions. Georgia’s success on its path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration will be a powerful testimony that democratic transformation, respect for the independent foreign policy choice is possible in our region. Acceleration of European and Euro-Atlantic integration process of Eastern European countries will be the most effective response to Russia’s attempt to reanimate Soviet Union, in a form of Eurasian Union“- the Minister said.
The Georgian Foreign Minister visited the Polish Institute of International Affairs as part of his official visit to Warsaw, on 27 and 28 June, 2016. Mikheil Janelidze held meetings with representatives of the Senate and Sejm of Poland.  He will also launch a new “Tbilisi Conference” project, together with the Polish Foreign Minister.