Giorgi Kvirikashvili has addressed representatives of the Georgia Caucus at the U.S. Congress

Within the framework of his working visit to the United States of America, Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili delivered a speech at the House Georgia Caucus inauguration meeting. The meeting was held at the U.S. Congress.  Congressman Ted Poe and Congressman Gerry Connolly also addressed participants of the Georgia Caucus.
The Georgian Foreign Minister spoke about the democratic reforms carried out by the Georgian Government, Georgia’s foreign policy priorities, in particular European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, Russia’s aggression against Georgia and Ukraine, regional security, U.S.-Georgia strategic partnership and trade-economic co-operation with the United States of America.
“Our democratic transformation strengthened further the strategic relationship between Georgia and The United States demonstrating to the entire world that Georgia is a deserving member of international community, worthy of membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. Indeed, integration in Euro-Atlantic Structures was and remains the ultimate foreign political goal of Georgia, and we count on our American partners in realizing Georgia’s national aspirations” – Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.  
Speaking about Russia’s annexation policy against Russia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili focused special attention on the role of the international community, and of the United States in particular, in terms of protecting international borders and preventing occupation and annexation.
“The United States Congress should take a lead in ensuring independence and territorial integrity of the nations in our region. It is of crucial importance that the United States leads the way not only by demonstrating courage and resolve in the face of aggression but also by expanding trade opportunities that American spirit of entrepreneurship can offer to our nations. We believe that the United States should encourage free trade with the region and Georgia is ready to be the conduit of America’s business interests in the region” – the Georgian Foreign Minister said.
He spoke about the High-Level Trade Dialogue launched between the U.S. and Georgia and the opportunities which the development of free trade with the U.S. offer the countries in the region.
On a closing note, Giorgi Kvirikashvili thanked the members of the Georgia Caucus for their assistance and support and expressed the hope that the coordinated effort of the U.S. Congress will check the Russian aggression and free trade will bring the relationship between the U.S. and Georgia to a new level.