Georgian participants at the Geneva International Discussions held a meeting with the Co-Chairs of the Discussions

On 16 November 2015, the Georgian participants at the Geneva International Discussions held a working meeting with the EU, UN and OSCE Co-chairs of the Discussions. The Georgian side was led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Georgian Delegation to the Geneva International Discussions David Dondua.

The sides discussed the issues pertaining to the agenda of the upcoming 34th round scheduled for 8-9 December 2015, including the issues of non-use of force, international security arrangement and return of IDPs and refugees.
The issues of security and humanitarian situation in Georgia’s occupied territories and intensive militarization of the occupied regions were brought to the attention of the Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs were also provided with the comprehensive information on the restrictions on the education in Georgian language in the occupied territories, with particular emphasis on the situation in the Gali district. The Georgian participants emphasized the necessity to ensure the right to receive education in one’s native language on the basis of the human rights protection principle.
In particular, the Georgian side expressed its concern over the inhuman treatment, illegal detentions and kidnappings of the local population, focusing, in this context, on the need to restore the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM).
The Georgian side once again underlined the importance of the Geneva International Discussions and reiterated the readiness to continue constructive participation in the format.