Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry

On 10 August 2015, Russia’s occupation forces installed the banners marking the so-called “border” on the territory adjacent to the villages of Tamarasheni and Tseronisi of the Kareli municipality thus leaving farmlands of several local residents beyond the new markers.

The same illegal action took place on August 6, when the Russian occupation forces illegally re-installed the banner marking the so-called “state border” on the territory adjacent to the village of Tsitelubani of Gori municipality.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry condemns Moscow’s yet another provocative act, which poses threat to security and stability and grossly violates local residents’ fundamental rights. Georgia calls upon the Russian Federation once again to fulfill its international commitments and to refrain from actions directed towards escalation of situation.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry calls on the international community to assess appropriately Russia’s illegal policy directed against Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to take adequate measures for maintaining security and stability on the ground.