​The Foreign Policy Strategy 2019-2022 is a qualitatively new and highly legitimate national document

14.03.2019, Tbilisi – “This qualitatively new and highly legitimate national document, which, unlike previous strategies, will serve not only as an office document and will be approved by the government of Georgia. The task before us was to ensure as broad involvement as possible in the development of the document, and indeed, it is the first precedent that the strategy was worked out through the participation of not only  document involved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our diplomatic missions abroad, but also of  representatives of various government structures, Parliament and civil society” – David Zalkaliani said while presenting the Foreign Policy Strategy 2019-2022 at the Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee.
According to the Minister, the document was developed by the Inter-agency Council created by resolution of the Government of Georgia. The Council consists of representatives of 14 agencies and is tasked with ensuring coordination and supervision over the implementation of the strategy.

Unlike its previous counterparts, the Strategy 2019-2022 will be approved by the Government together with its action plan. It will be a closed document setting forth concrete actions, timeframes and budget for the implementation of the foreign policy goals and objectives.

“The strategy is fully in line with the Parliament Resolution on Foreign Policy Priorities of 29 December 2016 and the Government Programme 2018-2020 “Freedom, Rapid Development, Prosperity” – Zalkaliani said.

In the words of the minister, one of the priority directions of the Strategy is to enhance the economic role of the Black Sea and the strengthening of the function of Georgia as a transport, transit and digital hub.

Zalkaliani highlighted that the previous strategies were focused on democratic development, while the new strategy will make a special accent on the consolidation of institutional democracy that clearly indicates that the countries is aspiring to even higher democratic standards.