Georgia can expect unconditional support from the Eastern Partnership Summit - Witold Waszczykowski

14.11.2017, Tbilisi -  “Responding to your question as to what you can expect from the Eastern Partnership Summit I will answer very briefly – unconditional support to Georgian ambitions to be part of the European Union, to be part of all instituions we have created in the western part of Europe” – the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland, Witold Waszczykowski said during the joint press conference of the foreign ministers of Georgia, Poland and Sweden.
According to Witold Waszczykowski, the Summit will adopt a joint communique, which will offer Georgia a greater prospect for rapprochement with the EU.
Reaffirming Poland’s support for Georgia’s European integration path, the Polish Foreign Minister highlighted, in this context, the importance of the Tbilisi Conference. “This is the instrument to share our experience on the way to the European Union. Our message to the European Union is: the sooner the better” – he said.
Witold Waszczykowski reaffirmed Poland’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and independence saying that Poland will never accept the violation of internationally recognized borders.