The visit to Georgia is the manifestation of our support for the reforms in Georgia, as well as for the idea of Eastern Partnership, in general - Margot Wallström

14.11.2017, Tbilisi - “The visit of the Polish and Swedish Foreign Ministers is the manifestation of support for the idea of Eastern Partnership - the Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström said during the joint press conference of the foreign ministers of Georgia, Poland and Sweden. According to her, the Swedish and Polish foreign ministers' visit ahead of the EaP Summit is a clear signal of support for Georgia.
“Sweden will stay a very firm supporter of Georgia’s European aspirations and your continued European integration. As a progressive member of the Eastern Partnership Georgia inspires democratic reform and also fight against corruption in the region. You have been extremely successful and this is recognized by the reports we make on the situation and the state of play when it comes to democracy, human rights and the rule of law. And you have definitely come a long way and have good marks” – the Swedish Foreign Minister said.
According to her, the Georgian government’s reforms find their reflection not only in EU reports but they are also recognized by the Georgian people who already benefit from the tangible results of these reforms.
Margot Wallström  reaffirmed Sweden’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and independence