A bipartisan resolution reaffirming the Senate's support for Georgia’s territorial integrity has been introduced to the Senate

30.03.2017, Washington - Senator Roger Wicker [R-MS], and Senator Ben Cardin [D-MD], today introduced a Senate resolution supporting the territorial integrity of the nation of Georgia.
The Resolution condemns the ongoing military intervention and occupation of Georgia by the Russian Federation, as well as Russia’s continuous illegal activities along the occupation line in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia).
Introducing the Resolution, Senator Roger Wicker who is the Chairman of the Helsinki Commission, noted that “The Russian government has tried to undermine Georgian sovereignty and territorial integrity for far too long. It is time for the United States to make it clear once again that we do not recognize Russian land grabs within its neighbors’ borders. Russia should adhere to the cease-fire agreement it signed in 2008, withdraw its troops from Georgia, and allow international monitors and aid workers access to occupied regions.”
According to Senator Cardin, who is also Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: “Russia’s violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia is a blatant breach of one of the guiding principles of the Helsinki Final Act by Russia. This reflects a broader pattern of disregard by Putin’s regime for transatlantic security norms and democratic values, which the United States and our allies must stand against with resolve. Georgia is a strong partner of the United States and continues to take important steps to further integrate with the transatlantic community. Georgia recently concluded an agreement on visa free travel with the European Union, for example. This significant development shows that constructive interaction is possible and welcome.”
This resolution mirrors a similar measure introduced in the House in September 2016, and demonstrates that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia enjoy bipartisan support from both chambers of Congress.

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