Georgia-NATO relations are relations between NATO and us – David Zalkaliani

16.12.2019 - The Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani commented on the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov’s statement on NATO-Georgia co-operation. He once again highlighted the priority importance of Georgia’s integration with NATO and the inadmissibility of interference into NATO-Georgia relations by any third party.  

“Georgia-NATO relations are relations between NATO and us. We have more than once stated that Georgia’s integration with NATO is the priority of our foreign policy. It is the choice of the Georgian people. We are consistent in carrying out the policy that rather than being directed against any state is directed at strengthening the statehood and defence capability of Georgia. We believe that Georgia with strong institutional, defence and security systems should be in the interest of every neighbor because it provides the guarantee of security in the entire region” – David Zalkaliani said.   
Moscow will continue to adequately react to NATO’s enhanced activity and the approaching by the alliance’s military infrastructure of the Russian borders, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a large news conference on 2018.