Georgia expands its diplomatic presence

12.03.2019, Tbilisi - Georgia will open embassies in the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, Georgia’s Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani announced following the government meeting at the Prime Minister’s administration. 
“We annually expand the zones of diplomatic presence” David Zalkaliani said. 
Zalkaliani said the government made the decision as per the priorities set out under the country’s foreign policy strategy document that is to be approved shortly.

“UAE is one of the most important investors in Georgia, having implemented many investments in the country and Vietnam is one of the most significant countries in South-East Asia with its increasing economic pace,” Foreign Minister Zalkaliani said, outlining the embassies’ goals. 
Zalkaliani stated that Georgia is mainly focused on attracting more and more cargo from Asia and the embassies will serve to facilitate the accomplishment of this aim.