By establishing the Georgian Parliament 100 years ago, Georgia became the pioneer of democratic governance – American congressman

The American congressman and the House Democracy Partnership Chairman, David Price congratulated Georgia on the centennial anniversary of the Georgian parliamentary democracy.

“I congratulate my Georgian fiends on this remarkable milestone. Establishing the Georgian constituent assembly on 12 March 1919 your predecessors were pioneers of democratic governance. Despite the difficult and often tragic circumstances that faced your country over the past 100 years your dogged dedication to vibrant multiparty democratic form of governance remains to this day” – said the congressman in his video address he recorded specifically for the occasion.  
According to David Price, “One of the historical achievements of the Georgian Parliament was the adoption of the constitution that enshrined the rights of all Georgian citizens including women and minorities”.
In his video address the congressman spoke about his planned visit to Georgia. He said that it was a great pleasure for him to engage with the Georgian parliamentarians over the past 13 years and that this trip will be his fifth visit to Georgia as a member of the HDP.
“I look forward to continuing our engagement with the Georgian parliament as it continues its long tradition of championing the role of democratic parliament effectively representing the will of the people and ensuring the sound governance of the nation” – David Price said.