The U.S. Congress has held a hearing on the occupation of Georgia

On 17 July 2018, the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe held a hearing about the illegalities committed by Russia on Georgian territory. The hearing was titled "On Violations of the OSCE Principles and Commitments by the Russian Federation, and Severe Human Rights Situation in the Illegally Occupied Regions of Georgia – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia” and the Ambassador of Georgia to US David Bakradze, Damon Wilson of the Atlantic Council of US and Luke Coffey of the Heritage Foundation participated in the talks.
The Georgian Ambassador to the U.S. spoke about the Georgian Government’s peace policy and the importance of the international community’s engagement in the peaceful resolution of the conflict: “While talking on the peaceful conflict resolution in Georgia, I should emphasize that the United States has a particular role in this process as a strategic partner to Georgia and a participant of the Geneva International Discussions. We greatly value the U.S.-Georgia strategic partnership and contribution of the U.S. to peace and stability in Georgia. The impact of the U.S. assistance is significant on the ground.
On a political level, Georgia enjoys widespread bipartisan support across the US Government, Congress, and Administration. The U.S. Congress has been always vocal on these very important to Georgia matters. The Geo-US bilateral relationship has never been stronger and continues to strengthen under the current Administration, which has repeatedly stated its opposition to Russian occupation of Georgian territories as well as Georgia’s NATO integration process” – David Bakradze said.
According to him, “it is the time that this political support is further reinvigorated in practical steps in order to ensure the implementation of Ceasefire Agreement and comprehensive peaceful settlement in my country. We believe through consistence and hard work we can lay the ground for lasting peace and security in Georgia. In that regard, I would like to emphasize the necessity of the peaceful conflict resolution to be placed high in the international as well as in the US dialogue with Russia. Strong leadership of the United States is essential to reach progress in the resolution of the Russia-Georgia conflict. 

We deem it crucial that international society does not keep a blind eye on Russia’s aggressive actions with regards to the occupied territories of Georgia and severe security and humanitarian situation on the ground that this policy entails. Firm stance of the international society, and particularly the US, is decisive to send a clear message to Russia that this policy directed against sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia is not acceptable” – the Ambassador said.