A joint meeting of foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran and Turkey held in Baku

15.03.2018, Baku - Baku hosted a quadripartite meeting of foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, and Georgia.
The four top diplomats signed a joint statement in which they hailed the launch of the quadripartite format as a way to deepen relations between the four countries and ensure the development of the region in regional.   
The Georgian Foreign Minister spoke about Georgia’s friendly and partner relations with all the three countries of this format thanking them for their firm support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Mikheil Janelidze also emphasized the common interest of the four countries to strengthen regional peace and stability and their commitment to principles of international law on respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of states as well as peaceful settlement of all conflicts in the region, as indicated in the Joint Statement adopted at the meeting.
The sides also highlighted the huge potential of the quadripartite format for the development of sectoral co-operation in the field of energy, transport, finance, telecommunication, information communication technology (ICT), industry, agriculture, tourism and environment.
The sides also underlined the growing potential of the four countries in terms of developing international transit corridors.

The four ministers agreed on the preparation of Quadrilateral Sectoral Cooperation Action Plan in the areas of common interest.