We want to make sure that people in the U.S. feel that Georgia is open to business

15.09.2017, Tbilisi - The Georgian Vice Premier, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze met with the business delegation from Boston.

Discussions focused on the possibilities for foreign companies to enter and function successfully in the Georgian market. Mikheil Janelidze highlighted the efforts of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in ensuring the attraction of investments, promotion of export and the further development of regional economic co-operation.

According to Mikheil Janelidze, economic diplomacy serves the Georgian Government’s economic policy goals. The head of the business delegation, Garret Guthrie identified four priority areas of discussions: energy, healthcare, agro business, industry, as well as logistics and transport.

“Coming from the United States is really very important fo people to get a perception of what opportunities exist in Georgia. One thing that is very clear and telling is that Georgia looks a lot better close-up. We want to make sure that  people in the United States feel that because many people are potential investors and we need  to bring them to Georgia and we need to take Georgia to them and make them understand that Georgia is open to business” – the representative of the American Chamber of Commerce said.  

The business delegation from Boston held meetings with representatives of respective state authorities agencies and business communities.

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