Speaking at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation David Zalkaliani has highlighted the Georgian Government’s programme and foreign policy priorities

3.07.2018, Berlin – Within the framework of his visit to Berlin, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani took part in the Friedrich Ebert Foundation-organised event "Georgia is Striving to Europe” .
The meeting was opened by Roland Schmidt, a representative of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Speaking extensively about the Georgian-German relations he stressed that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation was the first foundation to establish a Caucasus Office in Tbilisi.
In his address, the Georgian Foreign Minister highlighted the five priorities that form the concept of the renewed cabinet of ministers of Georgia. According to David Zalkaliani, atop the list of the Georgian government’s priorities is full-scale integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures. He said that the objective of the Georgia government is to carry out innovative reforms in all areas and to ensure that ordinary citizens enjoy the benefits of the economic development of the country.
David Zalkaliani brought to the attention of German experts the Georgian Government’s European Integration Roadmap aiming at facilitating Georgia’s institutional, legislative and physical rapprochement with the EU. He expressed the hope the progress achieved by Georgia on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration will be reflected in the  Brussels Summit decisions to be taken in the context of the open door policy and the Georgia-NATO co-operation will acquire a new dimension in the light of Black Sea Security.
David Zalkaliani spoke about the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories and Russia’s destructive actions.
He highlighted Germany’s important role in the democratic transformation of Georgia. He also paid special attention to the activities of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Georgia and found it symbolic that the independence of the first democratic republic of Georgia was recognized by Germany during the presidency of Friedrich Ebert.