The OSCE Secretary General reaffirmed support for the Georgian Government’s peace policy

12.04.2018, Vienna – ​On 12 April 2018 - Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister David Dondua met with  OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger.
He provided representatives of the 57 Member States of the OSCE with detailed information on the difficult security and human rights situation in Georgia’s occupied territories condemning the facts of illegal detention and murder of Georgian citizens by the occupation forces. In this context,  David Dondua reaffirmed the need to create international security arrangements on the ground and to provide the EUMM and international monitors with access to the occupied territories.
David Dondua highlighted the need to ensure the protection of the rights of IDPs and refugees and their safe and dignified return to the places of their origin. He paid special attention to the importance of the international community’s efforts to bring Russia to comply with the 12 August Ceasefire Agreement.  
Thomas Greminger reaffirmed the OSCE’s support for the Georgian Government’s peace policy and the organization’s firm resolve to continue its engagement in the process of the peaceful resolution of the conflict.