The Georgian First Deputy Foreign Minister spoke before the Annual Security Review Conference (ASRC)

29.06.2017, Vienna  -  First Deputy Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani spoke before representatives of the OSCE Member States, within the framework of the Annual Security Review Conference (ASRC) in Vienna.
The First Deputy Foreign Minister provided participants of the Conference with detailed information on the latest development of the Russian-Georgian conflict, as well as on the difficult security and human rights situation in Georgia’s occupied territories, including the so-called treaties signed by Russia with the occupation regimes, militarization process ongoing there and closure of so-called checkpoints. The Georgian diplomat condemned the occupation regime’s decision to terminate the investigation of Giga Otkhozoria’s murder.
David Zalkaliani said that the illegally erected razor wires and other artificial obstacles along the occupation line continue to affect the fundamental rights and everyday life of the local population. According to the Deputy Minister, the Russian Federation destabilizes the situation not only in Georgia’s occupied territories but also in the region and poses a threat to European security.  Georgia continues its policy of constructive engagement within the framework of the Geneva International Discussions and calls upon Russia to comply with its international commitments and the principles of international law.
Delegations of the U.S., EU, Ukraine and Turkey made statements in support for Georgia joined by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Moldova.
Participants of the meeting reaffirmed their unequivocal support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within the and internationally recognized borders calling on Russia to comply with its commitments under the ceasefire agreement.