David Zalkaliani has met with Minister of State for Europe and the Americas Christopher Pincher

On 21 October 2019, in London, under the aegis of the wardrop Strategic Dialogue, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani met with Minister of State for Europe and the Americas Christopher Pincher.
The meeting of the Ministers was preceded by the signing of the strategic partnership and cooperation agreement between Georgia and the UK which provides a solid basis for deepening cooperation on foreign policy and security issues, granting Georgia and the UK a mutual access to their markets and ensures liberalization of trade in goods and services after Brexit.  
Highlighting Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration progress, the sides expressed their concern over Russia’s illegal military presence and steps taken towards de-facto annexation of Abkhasia and the Tskhinvali region. Christopher Pincher reaffirmed the UK Government’s for Georgia’s territorial integrity and the non-recognition policy.
Discussions also focused on friendly relations between the two countries, a further proof of which is a UK season held in Georgia in autumn. Both sides welcomed the idea of conducting Georgia’s season in the UK in 2020 as a way to highlight the country’s rich cultural traditions and creative potential.

Underscoring the importance of the Wardrop Dialogue as a forum designed to advance the issues of interest to both countries the sides expressed their satisfaction that the sixth round of the Wardrop Dialogue will be held in London in 2020.