Janelidze: NATO-Georgia Commission was highly important in the light of discussing the Open Door Policy

 6.12.2017, Tbilisi – It is highly important  that Open Door Policy was atop the agenda of the NATO-Georgia Commission held on the sidelines of the meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers, Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said. According to the Minister, the Commission assessed the progress Georgia has achieved on its path of Euro-Atlantic integration in terms of reforms in the areas of democratic consolidation, economic development and defence.
“Many foreign ministers have recognized that the steps taken and the reforms carried out by the Georgian Government bring Georgia closer to NATO and bring NATO standards to Georgia” – Mikheil Janelidze said.
According to the Minister, the Alliance’s foreign ministers, in addition to expressing their political support, reaffirmed their readiness to assist Georgia in enhancing its defence capabilities. The parties reiterated that Georgia has all practical tools to prepare for the NATO membership.
Special attention was paid to regional security issues including to NATO’s efforts towards strengthening Black Sea security. According to Mikheil janelidze Georgia and NATO co-operate on intensifying the ongoing dialogue regarding Black Sea security.  We welcome NATO’s greater focus on Black Sea security and commit to make a maximum contribution in this regard” – the Georgian Vice Prime Minister said.

According to him, the NATO Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for its peace policy. The neeed for Russia to comply with its international commitments and de-occupy the Georgian territories was also highlighted.