Janelidze: we expect that Georgia’s progress on the Euro-Atlantic integration path will be duly recognized by the NATO Summit 2018

31.01.2018, Brussels - Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze participated in the meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission held at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels where  the implementation of the Annual National Programme 2017 was evaluated.
The country’s implementation of the Annual National Program and the country’s reforms in the field of democracy, economics and security were positively evaluated at the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting.
“Georgia is really distinguished in the region as an important contributor to security”, Janelidze said after the meeting.

According to Mikheil Janelidze, the progress of Georgia as a NATO aspirant nation is expected to be duly recognized by participants of the NATO Summit 2018.

He said “Georgia is making steps forward and using all the practical tools necessary for final integration into NATO.

Participants of the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting discussed the issues relating to the security of the Black Sea region. Georgia’s readiness to participate in the Alliance’s efforts towards the strengthening of Black Sea security was also highlighted.

Discussions also focused on the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories, security climate and the Russian Federation’s destructive actions in Georgia’s Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions. The Alliance Member States expressed their commitment to continue, alongside political support, providing practical assistace to Georgia, including in terms of ensuring the effective implementation of the projects within the NATO-Georgia Substantial Package that are aimed at enhancing Georgia’s defence capacities and interoperability with NATO.

The participants of the meeting underlined that Georgia as a NATO aspirant nation makes an important contribution to the strengthening of common Euro-Atlantic security.