"Janelidze has made economic diplomacy a centerpiece of his platform” - Global Risk Insights

“Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze: A Diplomat with Vision” – this is the titile of an article publichsed by Global Risk Insights - a world-leading online publication. The article is entirely dedicated to the education, career development and future endeavours of the Georgian Foreign Minister. “Foreign Minister Janelidze has demonstrated the diplomatic vision necessary for a country forced to walk a narrow line between amicable Western ties and an imposing post-Soviet relationship with Russia” – reads the article.
The author of the article, Jonathan Hoogendoorn highlights Mikheil Janelidze’s education in international economic policy saying that as Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development  and the lead trade negotiator for the European Union, he proved to be  a perfect candidate to lead Georgian foreign affairs.
"Janelidze has made economic diplomacy a centerpiece of his platform. He is a leader who is both skilled in diplomacy and trade. Mr. Janelidze’s mastery of trade will help him stimulate the Georgian and Eurasian trade network and leverage Georgia’s key geographic position to achieve greater national prosperity”- reads the article. The author of the article pays special attention to Mikheil Janelidze’s meeting with his Turkish counterpart. Accoridng to him, With Mr. Janelidze’s strong command of international trade, he could be a key player to the future of the Southern Corridor project and other major projects running through Turkish territory. Both Turkey and Georgia will be key players in this coming energy infrastructure.
Jonathan Hoogendoorn gives an extensive analysis of the Georgia-Russia relations, which, based on the article, prove more complex than trade liberalization across Europe and Eurasia. According to the author, Mr. Janelidze openly and actively pursues NATO membership, but does not forget the danger coming from Russia. He seems to balance out aspirations for NATO membership with his strong trade agenda, which is more conducive to relations with Russia.
“A close friend in the Caucuses dedicated to trade liberalization and organized security Mikheil Janelidze is just the sort of leader Europe needs in this time of turbulence” – reads the article.