The Georgian delegation has met the Co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions

15.05.2017, Tbilisi - On 15 May 2017, the Georgian Foreign Ministry hosted a preparatory meeting for the 40th round of the Geneva International Discussions between Georgia’s representatives and the EU, UN and OSCE Co-chairs. The Deputy Foreign Minister, head of the Georgian delegation to the Geneva International Discussions, David Dondua led the meeting from the Georgian side.

The sides discussed the results of the 39th round and the issues on the agenda of the next round. Special attention was paid to the difficult security, human rights and humanitarian situation in Georgia’s occupied territories.
The Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his concern over the steps taken by Russia towards annexation of Georgia’s regions, in particular, on the so-called agreement regarding incorporation of the Tskhinvali region’s military units into the Russian army. He assessed the referendum of 9 April on renaming the Tskhinvali region as the republic of South Ossetia as a move providing the background for annexation.
The sides also spoke about the violation of the 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement by the Russian Federation and the ongoing militarization in both regions. The Deputy Foreign Minister, in this context, emphasized the necessity for Russia to undertake the non-use of force pledge and the need to create international security mechanisms on the ground as essential prerequisites for the successful peace process.

The sides also spoke spoke about the grave humanitarian consequences resulting from the installation of barbed wire fences and the closure of the so-called checkpoints along the occupation line in Abkhazia. Discussions focused on such issues as restrictions on free movement, illegal detentions and kidnappings, prohibition of the native language education, ethnic discrimination, etc.
Special attention during
the discussions was paid to the necessity of detaining alleged
murderers of Giga Otkhozoria. It was underlined that this issue
remaining still outstanding   obstructs the ongoing dialogue and the
chance of making progress in the peace process.
David Dondua reaffirmed the importance of reaching the progress on
main issues on the agenda of the Geneva International Discussions. He reaffirmed his readiness for constructive participation in the peace process and expressed that the Russian Federation will approach responsibly to the process of negotiations under the Geneva format.

The 40th round of the Geneva International Discussions will be held on
20 and 21 June 2017.