The visit of the Congressman is the expression of the US support to Georgia – Zalkaliani

“By visiting Georgia, the Congressmen have provided a clear proof of the firm support that we have at the Congress of the USA” – stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia David Zalkaliani, while commenting on the official visit of the co-chair of the House Georgia Caucasus,  Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Congressman Alex Mooney.

According to Zalkaliani, Congressmen Kinzinger and Mooney are the loyal supporters of Georgia and the unprecedented and all-encompassing resolution, known as the Georgia Support Act, reflecting all the core directions of the Georgia-U.S. strategic partnership, has been initiated exactly by them.
The Minister noted that at the meeting with the American Congressmen, the special stress was put on the need to continue cooperation in the fields of security and defense, as well as on the significance of the U.S. support in the trade-economic respect.
“These two directions are of vital importance on the US-Georgia agenda and we have a strong guarantee at the executive, as well as the legislative level that this partnership in the security and defense spheres, as well as regarding the development of trade-economic cooperation will certainly continue and be upgraded to a completely new level in the nearest future” – noted Zalkaliani.
According to him, the parties also discussed key results achieved by the 10th anniversary of the US-Georgian Strategic Partnership Charter. The Minister stated that the U.S. continues to support Georgia, as without the assistance of the major strategic partner, Georgia would hardly be able to deal with the challenges like the Russian occupation and security-related problems.
„It is important to increase American investments and the engagement of the American companies in the ongoing projects in Georgia. The U.S. side has pledged that these relations will intensify in future,” the Foreign Minister added.