The bridge we are going to build with Georgia is a European bridge -Michael Roth

04.07.2018, Berlin –  United Europe sets its sights not only towards its old friends from the west, south or north. No! United Europe sets its sights, first of all, towards the east. The use of the creative powers of the European Union for the delivery of peace and freedom can only be possible if the project of peace and democracy – the European Union - is transformed into the project of peace and democracy extending across entire Europe. It means that we bear responsibility towards South-East Europe and East Europe  in the areas of foreign policy and security, and Georgia, in this context, plays an outstanding role since the history of partnership between our two countries goes back a long way” - the Minister of State for Europe at the Federal Foreign Office, Michael Roth said when speaking at the event to mark the 100th anniversary of the first democratic republic of Georgia.
The Minister of State spoke extensively about the centuries-long friendship between Georgia and Germany referring to German communities in Georgia. According to him, visa liberalization plays an increasingly greater role in bringing together various communities and youth in particular.
According to him, Germany’s policy with respect to Eastern Partnership is about building bridges based on common values.
“Our new policy with respect to the East is not directed against anyone. This new policy does not mean that a certain country of the Eastern Partnership must destroy a bridge with the traditional – and in many cases – difficult partner or neighbor. The point is that through this new partnership we want to build new bridges which may be used by many people. And the bridge we want to build with Georgia is a European bridge – a bridge that is based on such values as democracy, the rule of law, respect for minorities” - Michael Roth said.
Reaffirming Germany’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, he highly appreciated Georgia’s peace initiative for the conflict resolution.