Mikheil Janelidze welcomes the European Parliament’s recommendations for the Eastern Partnership

11.10.2017, Tbilisi  The Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia responded to the Resolution on recommendations for the Eastern Partnership passed by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. The Report includes recommendations on the goals and deliverables of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit. According to the Minister, the recommendations fully reflect Georgia’s European aspirations and visions for the future.  
“We welcome the European Parliament’s recommendations for the Eastern Partnership and all visions they include regarding Georgia’s European future and practical steps to be taken by the Associated Partners across the European integration path, as well as the European Union’s active role in the conflict resolution process” – he said.
Mikheil Janelidze thanked Members of the Georgian and European Parliaments and Georgia’s Mission to the EU for their efforts expressing the hope that the resolution passed by the Foreign Affairs Committee will be adopted by the European Parliament at its plenary session.

It should be noted that the Resolution on recommendations for the Eastern Partnership was passed by an overwhelming majority, in particular, by 40 votes to 6.
According to the Resolution, Association Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine do not constitute the final goal in their relations with the EU and that the Summit must set relevant long term goals with respect to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The document also calls on the EU institutions to acknowledge once again the European aspirations of these countries given that, pursuant to Article 49 of the Treaty of the European Union and in line with the Rome Declaration of 25 March 2017, any European state may apply to become a member of the European Union. The European Parliament, in this regard, urges EU member states to agree to an ambitious declaration for the 2017 Summit that sets relevant long term goals.

The European Parliament’s report contains clear messages with respect to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries of Eastern Partnership underlining the Russian Federation’s failure to comply with its international commitments.

The Report also indicates that the EU should play a more active role in the peaceful resolution of all existing conflicts in its neighbourhood, including the continued occupation of two Georgian regions.
The European Parliament also asks the Commission, the European Investment Bank and other multilateral financial institutions to work for the successful implementation of the European Investment Plan and of a dedicated support mechanism for Eastern Partnership countries committed to implementing the Association Agreements; to request the establishment of a trust fund for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova based on the best practices of multi-donor instruments.