Mikheil Janelidze: “100 years ago Georgia began to build a modern state from the European basis identifying commitment to democratic values as one of its key priorities”

 11.04.2018 - Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze held a meeting with mass media representatives presenting to them various events and activities due to be carried out both in Georgia and abroad on the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the foundation of the first democratic republic of Georgia.
“Georgia celebrates the historic landmark - the 100th anniversary since its formation as a democratic republic. 100 years ago Georgia began to build a modern state from the European basis - a democratic republic, which, from the very outset, identified commitment to democratic values and European future as one of its key priorities. Georgia was then among the first countries of Europe to conduct democratic elections, to achieve effective participation of women in political life, to adopt its constitution still holding an honourable place in the history of constitutionalism and to implement many other reforms” – Mikheil Janelidze said.

The government of Georgia has announced a series of festive events to mark the 100th anniversary from the creation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918. Over 100 activities, including cultural events, conferences, lectures will be organized in various countries throughout the year. Georgia’s diplomatic representations abroad will arrange photo exhibitions dedicated to the first democratic republic of Georgia and other events highlighting Georgia’s culture, traditions and democratic development.

In order to raise the people’s awareness of the important date, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize public lectures, photo exhibitions, and open-door days in Tbilisi. Special festive events will take place in Akhaltsikhe, on the territory of Rabati castle.