Mikheil Janelidze - Vice President Mike Pence’s visit is yet another demonstrative example of United States’ support for Georgia

31.07.2017, Tbilisi - Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze spoke extensively about  United States’ support for Georgia/ according to him Such high level of support from the United States can be explained by the Georgian Government’s commitment to such common values as democracy and human rights.

“The United States Vice President’s visit to Georgia, at the instruction of President Trump, and within such a short period from the new administration’s accession to power is yet another clear proof of this support. It should also be underlined that along with Georgia, the Vice President plans to arrive in Estonia and Montenegro during this visit. It means that Georgia is recognized as a frim ally and a strategic partner by the United States, to which attests the message sent out by Mr Vice President that the Baltic States, Georgia and Montenegro are United States allies in East Europe and the United States is and will continue to stand by these countries to defend their freedom. This visit reaffirms that there is a very good mutual understanding between the new U.S. administration and the Georgian government” – Mikheil Janelidze said.

Mikheil Janelidze highlighted the importance of the Noble Partner 2017 exercises involving Georgian and American soldiers. These drills, in which 8 countries participate is the recognition of Georgia’s important contribution to the global stability.

“The drills aim to enhance Georgia’s defence capabilities and to achieve greater interoperability and integration with partners and NATO. The Vice President’s participation in the defence exercises is a demonstration of firm support for this course” – The Foreign Minister said.