Mikheil Janelidze has presented the concept of the EU Integration Roadmap to the joint meeting of the two committees

14.05.2018, Tbilisi – The Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze spoke on the the concept of the EU integration roadmap -ROADMAP2EU at the joint hearing of the Parliament’s European Integration and Foreign Relations committees.
Minister Janelidze spoke extensively about the steps taken by Georgia and the results achieved in the European integration process.
“Our efforts are focused on achieving more integration with Europe and deepen co-operation with respective EU institutions in order to achieve our ultimate goal – that is the full membership of the EU. Never has Georgia been as close with the European Union as before.We have carried out many successful reforms and are recognized as the leader of Europan transformation within the framework of Eastern Partnership” – Janelidze said.
The Minister identified key priorities of the Roadmap2EU:
  • Full and effective implementation of the AA/DCFTA, as well as the Association Agenda for 2017-2020.
  • Expanding and deepening participation in the EU specialised agencies and community programmes;
  • Deepening of cooperation in defence and security fields;
  • Defining concrete priorities and further steps for deeper sectoral integration;
  • Deeper physical integration in areas such as transport, energy and communications;
  • Legal screening to determine the level of the compatibility of the Georgian legislation with the EU acquis and identifying further steps;
  • Best use of the Eastern Partnership, including effective implementation of the “20 Deliverables for 2020”.
    The elaboration of the EU integration roadmap, which will ensure European integration at a faster rate was initiated by the government of Georgia.