Mikheil Janelidze has participated in the anniversary event of the Kutaisi Public School N3

13.05.2018, Kutaisi - The Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze took part in the celebration of the 170th anniversary since the foundation of the Kutaisi Public School N3.
Within the framewok of the event, works by schoolchildren and portraits of women graduating from the school in various periods of time were displayed.

School Master Tamaz Chabukiani announced nominations for best pupil, best teacher, best mentor, best parent and most successful graduate. Best Graduate Certificate was awarded to Mikheil Janeldize, as well as to Kutaisi Mayor Giorgi Chigvaria and Head of the Bar Association Davit Asatiani.

The winner of Best Teacher Nomination was awarded by Mikheil Janelidze.