Mikheil Janelidze has participated in the 10th annual session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly

18.12.2017, Tbilisi - Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze  participated in the 10th  annual session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly.

Highlighting the importance of the organization, Mikheil Janelidze spoke about the plans for the further development of GUAM in the future. According to the Minister, the GUAM Member Staes are focused on four major priorities, such as political consolidation, economic prosperity, sectoral harmonization and the strengthening of people-to-people contacts.

Mikheil Janelidze said that the organization was actively promoted internationally during the Georgian chairmanship of GUAM. According to him, special attention is paid to the need to enhance GUAM’s economic, as well as transport and transit potential.  Special note was taken of the GUAM’s free trade area and transport corridor agreements.

On closing, the Foreign Minister expressed his support for the Secretariat, as well as for the Moldovan chairmanship of the GUAM.