According to Mikheil Janlidze, GUAM has established itself as a powerful actor internationally

8.10.2017, Tbilisi - The Georgian Vice Premier, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze spoke about the importance of GUAM and the results of the ministerial meeting during the joint press conference held together with the foreign ministers of the GUAM Member States.
Mikheil Janelidze highlighted the progressive development of the Organization over the past 20 years saying the GUAM has managed to transform itself into a powerful political actor in the international arena. “Four years ago GUAM was established by friendly states that have joint interests and vision for more stability and development. Since its establishment 20 years ago GUAM has managed to develop political, sectoral and inter-parliamentary co-operation” - Mikheil Janelidze said.

According to Mikheil Janelidze, participants of the anniversary meeting outlined the vision of the Organization for more effective and successful operation in the future.
The Georgian Foreign Minister thanked his Azerbaijani, Moldovan and Ukrainian counterparts and the GUAM Secretary General for their arrival in Tbilisi to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Organization expressing the hope that through joint efforts, the existing co-operation will enhance even further not only among the GUAM Member States but also with the GUAM partners.

The Minister also highlighted the importance of the Joint Communique signed by the GUAM Foreign Ministers. “This Document is a proof of the unanimous will of the four countries to achieve greater results, through joint efforts, to the common benefit of their people” – Mikheil Janelidze said.