Of great importance is the Chancellor’s statement that after the Balkan States, Ukraine and Georgia are at the lead of European integration

24.08.2018, Tbilisi –German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a clear message that Georgia’s and Ukraine’s membership in the European Union poses no threat to the European Union. After the Balkan States, Ukraine and Georgia took the lead on the path of European integration. We cannot name the exact date when Georgia will become a member of the EU but one point I am certain about is that we are on the right path” - the Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Zalkaliani said when commenting on Germany’s support for Georgia European ad Euro-Atlantic integration.
The Minister considered as unacceptable the criticism of opponents claiming that Georgia has no support from Germany. “Within a very short period of time we signed the Association Agreement, including the DCFTA. We achieved visa liberalization with the EU. We elaborated a road map for integration with the EU and other mechanisms for speeding up Georgia’s integration processes. Therefore, we need to be ready for ensuring greater level of sectoral integration, greater level of co-operation and physical integration within various programmes.  We have full commitment and political will in this regard.   I cannot therefore accept opponents’ criticism regarding either the EU or NATO. Moreover, I want to remind you of the promisies of the previous government pledging from 2008 to 2012 that Georgia would become a member or NATO tomorrow or would be granted MAP tomorrow. But when MAP was not granted to Georgia they said that we received something better than MAP. Our people had to live under such delusions then. But our people can now see well what steps our government is taking and they will make their choice during the elections as they already did twice: in 2012 and 2016” – Zalkalini said.

According to David Zalkaliani, Georgia has an important progress on the path to NATO integration.

“I don’t want to create high expectations but there is consensus over that fact that Georgia has all practical instruments for NATO integration. There is however no consensus over the membership action plan but we work in bilateral formats in this regard together with our U.S. and German partners. The presence of German and American soldiers, as well as NATO partners  in Georgia, and Georgia’s participation in joint exercises points to the fact Georgia is moving ahead towards NATO. It is not directed against anyone. Rather, it serves the goals of strengthening defence capabilities of the country, and stability and security in the region. Strong Georgia is in the interests of all, including neighbours” – Zalkaliani added.