The NATO-Georgia Commission has highlighted Georgia’s important role in ensuring Black Sea security

28.03.2019, Brussels - A meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission at the NATO headquarters was held in Brussels, at the level of permanent representatives. The meeting was chaired by NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller. Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani addressed the permanent representatives.

The participants of the meeting highly appraised the NATO Secretary General’s recent visit to Georgia, which provides a further proof of NATO’s firm support for Georgia. The importance of the NATO Military Committee’s visit and the NATO-Georgia joint exercises was also highlighted. According to the participants of the meeting, the eventful agenda of NATO-Georgia relations points to Georgia’s high position on the Alliance’s political agenda.

The meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission dealt with Black Sea security. Highlighting the difficult security situation in the Black Sea region, the sides emphasized Georgia’s significant role and practical involvement in ensuring Black Sea security, as well as Georgia’s active participation in implementing the Brussels Summit decisions regarding the Black Sea region. The Georgian delegation also highlighted the economic importance of the Black Sea and its transit capacities and role in connecting Europe with Asia.  
While on the theme of regional security, David Zalkaliani extensively emphasised the severe human rights situation in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions, as well as the alarmingly increasing number of illegal detentions and deprivation of life. The Member States of the Alliance reaffirmed their firm support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for Georgia’s peace policy.
Georgia’s progress on NATO integration path was again highlighted at the meeting. Reaffirming that Georgia has all practical instruments for integration with NATO, the participants highly appraised Georgia’s progress in the implementation of the Annual National Programme and NATO-Georgia Substantial Package, as well as Georgia’s leading position in terms of democratic, political and  economic reforms. It was highlighted that the Alliance remains committed to the Open Door Policy and expresses its readiness to further support Georgia’s integration path. The Allies once again pointed out Georgia’s important contribution to the LATO-led peacekeeping missions.