Georgia tries to ensure that all actions within the Geneva format are directed towards peaceful resolution of the conflict

The Geneva International Discussions is an important format allowing Georgia to speak to the Russian Federation, via the EU, UN and OSCE, on conflict resolution issues. However, due to Russia’s destructive position, there is still no progress on three main issues, such as the non-use of force, creation of international security mechanisms on the ground and the return of IDPs” – Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said to radio Free Europe when commenting on the Russian foreign minister’s “visit” to Sokhumi.
Accoridng to Mikheil Janelidze, Georgia strives to find ways for peaceful resolution of the conflict that calls for constructive participation of all parties to the Geneva International Discussions.  The Minister said that he would only welcome if Russia could adopt a constructive position to the conflict and bring its approaches into line with international principles and the Ceasefire Agreement.
The Minister also reacted to the political opponents’ criticism of the government and said that the former government failed to duly mobilize the international community and to uphold Georgia’s position within the international organizations. According to him, steps taken by the current government ensure that Russia is held accountable for its actions within all international formats.  
Mikheil Janelidze referred to the Russian foreign minister’s recent “visit” to Abkhazia as a violation of international norms and a provocative policy, which is duly assessed both in Georgia and beyond its borders. According to him, Russia, owing to its position, is currently isolated from international community.