Georgia has long been ready to sign a contract with a neutral company for the implementation of the 2011 Agreement and expects Russia to take respective steps

11.10.2017, Tbilisi - “Georgia has long expressed the readiness to comply with its commitments under the 2011 Agreement to sign a contract with an intermediary neutral Swiss company responsible for the implementation” – the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Mikheil Janelidze said when commenting on the implementation of the Agreement on the Basic Principles for a Mechanism of Customs Administration and Monitoring of Trade in Goods.
According to him, for the contract to be signed it is necessary that all parties comply with the aforesaid Agreement signed on 9 November 2011. “Georgia expects the main agreement and the implementing contract to be carried out by all parties as there can be no stand-alone fulfilment of any obligation. We expect the Russian Federation to take respective steps towards the full-scale implementation of this Agreement” – Mikheil Janelidze said.
Already a year ago, Georgia completed work for signing a contract with a neutral company responsible for customs monitoring over the trade in goods.