The Anaklia deep-sea port is a strategically important project – David Zalkaliani

14.03.2019, Tbilisi – Speaking before the Parliament’s Foreign Relations and European Integration committees, the Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani said that the Georgian Government considers the Anaklia deep-sea port as a strategically important project as evidenced by its inclusion in the Georgian Foreign Policy Strategy document, as well as in the list of priorities of the trans-European Transport Network. The Anaklia deep-sea port was always high on the agenda of Georgia-U.S. high- and highest level meetings, including the U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission’s (SPC) economics, trade, and energy working group. 
According to Zalkaliani, representatives of the Georgian government continue to promote the Anaklia deep-sea port at their high-level meetings and within the framework of international forums. Special note, in this regard, should be taken of Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze’s strong accents on the importance of the Anaklia deep-sea port at the Association Council’s 5th meeting, Davos World Economic Forum, as well as at the Hongqiao International Trade Forum.
“On 4 March at the quadrilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Georgia, Romania, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on the occasion of the launch of the Black Sea-Caspian Freight Transport Corridor, I highlighted the strategic importance of the Anaklia port and the Bucharest Statement also makes a special mention of this port” – Zalkaliani said.