Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Lasha Darsalia has met with Permanent Representatives accredited with the UN

15.04.2019, Tbilisi – Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Lasha Darsalia held a meeting with Permanent Representatives of  the Dominican Republic, the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Senegal accredited with the UN.
Underlining the importance of such visits, the Deputy Minister said that they provide a good opportunity for Georgia to share its experience of political and economic processes with foreign delegations.  
At the meeting, Lasha Darsalia highlighted the Georgian Government’s reforms. Special attention was paid to the problems relating to Russia-Georgia conflict. The Ambassadors were updated on the security and human rights situation in Georgia’s occupied territories.
The visit of the Permanent Representatives started on 15 April and will end on 21 April.   
They will hold meetings with the President of Georgia, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Parliament, as well as with representatives of the Autonomous Republic of Achara. The Permanenent Representatives will get acquainted with the specifics of the Public Service Hall of Georgia, the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Sarpi customs checkpoint. They will also visit  the occupation line in Khurvaleti and the IDP community in Tserovani.