The Georgian Foreign Ministry has hosted a meeting with the EU, UN and OSCE Co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions

6.03.2018, Tbilisi - The Georgian Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting between Georgia’s representatives and the EU, UN and OSCE Co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions.
The meeting was entirely dedicated to Russia’s and the occupation regime’s reluctance to  hand over the body of Archil Tatunashvili  to his family for burial and to allow two other Georgian citizens Levan Kutashvili and Ioseb Pavliashvili to return to the Georgian government-controlled territory.

It was noted that Tatunashvili’s case is not an exception as several other Georgians have died in unclear circumstances in the occupied regions in previous years, including Davit Basharuli and Giga Otkhozoria. Accoridng to the Georgia side the syndrome of impunity in the occupied regions encourages violence against ethnic Georgians. In this light, the sides highlighted the importance of the international community and the co-chairs to ensure the immediate investigation of the cases and the punishment of those responsible to prevent further crimes.
The co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions have expressed their concern over the death of Georgian citizen Archil Tatunashvili and said everything is being done to return Tatunashvili’s body to his family.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister, head of the Georgian delegation to the Geneva International Discussions, David Dondua, the given situation clearly points to the need to create international security arrangements on the ground as provided for by the 12 August Ceasefire Agreement.