The Georgian Foreign Minister relies on Germany’s stronger support following Merkel’s visit to Georgia

24.08.2018, Tbilisi - “The visit of the leader of one of the leading EU Member States to Georgia is an exceedingly important message pointing to the fact that Germany is a stalwart supporter of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic choice, the reforms implemented in the country for the strengthening of democratic institutions and the country’s peace policy. Chancellor Merkel made a very clear point of it that Georgia is pursuing the right path of economic reforms and development and all issues that were discussed during the meetings, including bilateral relations with Germany, challenges facing the region, and Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations are exceedingly important in terms of timing, against the background of the challenges Georgia is confronted with” - the Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Zalkaliani said about this during the official seeing-off ceremony held for Angel Merkel at the Tbilisi International Airport.
David Zalkaliani paid special attention to the German Chancellor’s arriving at the occupation line that is, according to him, yet another demonstration of Germany’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “During our meetings, as well as in the course of discussions with students, the Chancellor stated that these territories are occupied. She constantly registers this fact in bilateral formats with the Russian Federation asserting that such injustice must not continue in the future, and steps need to be taken to de-occupy the Georgian territory and to ensure that Georgia keeps high on the international agenda” – Zalkaliani said.

The Foreign Minister spoke about the important economic results of Angela Merkel’s visit singling out for special mention the agreement signed between the German Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation “that is expected to play a key role in strengthening the country’s energy security”. According to Zalkaliani, discussions also focused on Georgia’s transit potential. “Germany supports all important infrastructural projects in Georgia, including gas pipeline projects designed to transport gas from Turkmenistan to Europe via Azerbaijan and Georgia”.  
The Georgian Foreign Minister also highly appraised the business forum conducted on the sidelines of the visit and Germany’s interests in the further development of cooperation in the sector of education. “It is important to highlight that about a year ago we launched a process of co-operation with Germany in the area of vocational training. It was underlined during the visit that there are several companies planning to provide Georgian citizens with vocation training to ensure that they are employed in Germany on a temoporary bassis. It is a very important and tangible result of this visit and we are determined to co-operate even more intensively with our German partners in this regard”.
According to Zalkaliani, it is highly important that the German Chancellor became an immediate witness to the successful processes ongoing in Georgia that entitles Georgia to an even greater support from the Federal Republic of Germany.