Georgia uses all formats available to share its successful reform experience with other countries – David Zalkaliani at the South-South Cooperation Conference

20.03.2019, Buenos Aires – Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani spoke at the South-South Cooperation Conference  in Buenos Aires and stated Georgia is ready to cooperate with all countries to share its experience gained throughout the years.

Zalkaliani focused on the significance of the new format of partnership. According to him for the recent decades South-South Cooperation (SSC) has grown dramatically in both volume and geographic reach. This trend reflects increasing importance of this cooperation as one of the effective drivers for change and instrument to contribute to social and economic transformations through sharing experience and knowledge among developing countries.
He said Georgia has been intensively cooperating with developing countries and those with transitional economies, sharing its experience in public administration reform, fight against corruption, public service delivery, police reform, elections, creation of favourable environment for business and innovations, etc.
Minister Zalkaliani emphasized Georgia’s progress in terms of fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goal N16 as “we believe, that corruption-free, effective, accountable and transparent institutions are the key drivers of sustainable development and crucial pillars in the realization of the overarching goal of the 2030 Agenda – the eradication of poverty” – Zalkaliani said.  
He focused on successful steps against corruption in public sector.  According to him, fighting corruption in public sector has been one of the fields where Georgia has been actively sharing its experience over the recent years. Currently Georgia is at the new stage of fight against corruption with the main target to achieve a high level of transparency and accountability, to increase access to public information and to enhance involvement of citizens, to further improve corruption prevention mechanisms and take advantage of new technologies and innovative approaches in the public governance.
Zalkaliani  also emphasized the The ServiceLab – a public sector innovations laboratory that serves as an incubator of ideas by researching citizen’s needs to analyze the most-needed services and products and focuses on constant improvement of public services in Georgia. 
Foreign Minister Zalkaliani also stated that the national property registration system has been internationally recognized as fast, transparent, reliable and citizen-friendly.

He said Georgia became the first government to use blockchain to provide a transparent and secure way for registration of the real estate and business. Government of Georgia has also created innovative approaches by developing e-monitoring and e-coherence systems that will enable effective and transparent monitoring of implementation of the up to 100 targets of nationalized 17 Sustainable Development Goals and integration of the national agenda with the 2030 Agenda.
“Notwithstanding the growth in the number of South-South cooperation projects and initiatives, we believe that their true scale, impact and scope, as for sustainable development is still to be further explored. let me reiterate our readiness to stay engaged with all interested partners to share good practices on the way to achieving our common goals” – Zalkaliani said in conclusion.

The UN Conference on South-South Cooperation is underway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It serves to improve cooperation between developing countries for implementation of the 2030 agenda.