Initial meetings of experts on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border demarcation are scheduled for 19-23 August – Lasha Darsalia

The issues relating to the David Gareji monastery and the Georgian-Azerbaijani border demarcation remain high on the agenda.
according to Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Lasha  Darsalia, the Georgian and Azerbaijani governments are actively cooperating on the issues of border delimitation According to him, after years of pause, the state border delimitation commission met in Baku on 23-24 May. According to the Deputy Minister, it was decided that the commission experts will carry out certain works on the ground. Darsalia also noted that the initial meetings of experts are scheduled for 19-23 August.
As for the situation around David Gareji, Darsalia said the July 14 incident at David Gareji section of Georgian-Azerbaijani border had been defused due to the immediate joint actions of the border agencies of the two countries.
Darsalia confirmed that following the incident, the Azerbaijani side increased the number of border guards on this section and installed a temporary infrastructure necessary for logistical support on the territory controlled by them. But, he added that the number of Georgian border guards was also increased on the same section. Darsalia noted that restrictions that have been imposed on the movement of tourists and the parish are temporary and serve security purposes, to avoid further incidents.
“Active negotiations are currently underway between the border agencies to fully solve an incident and return the situation back to normal,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.   
Darsalia paid special attention to the fact that Georgia and Azerbaijan are taking active steps to solve the outstanding issues relating to border delimitation between Georgia and Azerbaijan. According to the Deputy Minister, deliberate escalation of the situation is the main factor hindering this process. “Such incidents are damaging the strategic partnership between the two countries. We call on the public, civil organizations to give the Commission the opportunity to proceed in a normal working atmosphere  to ensure that the border delimitation process is completed in the spirit of good neighbourhood and strategic partnership” – Darsalia said.